Indian lotteries accused of fraud

Indian residents reported the single-digit lotteries businesses in Kerala.

Kenya to set new tax payments

Experts believe the increment in gaming tax policies would kill the local industry.

Malaysia not rushed to legalise online gambling

The Malaysian police said that they don’t have plans to propose to the government the legalisation of online gambling.

India to conduct a public survey on Goa’s casinos

The Aam Aadmi Party will conduct a public survey on the issue.

NJ horsemen against northern casinos and racing

They suggested that the casino referendum facing voters next month is crucial to their survival.

Mississippi backs off coast casinos

The Gaming Commission rejected to pass a bill which would develop casinos in coast areas.

Indian Association lobbies for poker

Gujarat State officers stopped last week an organised poker tournament at the YMCA club.

Pennsylvania left iGaming bill on hold

Pennsylvania carried out a meeting on DFS regulation and online casinos.

Michigan online poker bill still on the table

Despite months of inaction, the state is still hoping to approve the bill before the end of the year.

Iowa county fights for casino gaming revenue

A bill that was vetoed by the Governor would have given Madison County a larger share of money.

More chances to legalise casinos in Japan

A majority of the Liberal Democratic Party in the Diet rise odds to legalise the activity in the Asian country.

NJ may go for video lottery terminal

New Jersey voters will decide next month whether to approve casino development outside AC.