Leander Games adds The Stars Group game

Leander Games

Leander Games will add Ave Caesar after agreeing with The Stars Group.

A new licensing deal has been signed between Leander Games and The Stars Group owned PokerStars Casino over the game Ave Caesar.

UK.- Leander Games will have a new addition to its game portfolio after it signed a licensing deal with PokerStars Casino. The company, owned by The Stars Group, will allow Leander to get Ave Caesar, a game set in the Ancient Rome.

Ave Caesar was 14 months in development and was first introduced in the market by PokerStars casino. After the new deal, Leander Games has also gained access and will be able to offer it themselves.

“We have added new, top talent to our internal games development team, external consultants specialising in game content for specific regions and also included road testing by some serious slot players,” Steven Matsell, chief executive officer at Leander Games, said. He also said the game’s addition has marked a milestone for the company and praised The Stars Group and the work they’ve been doing together.

PokerStars Casino managing director Bo Wänghammar added: “We are determined to make PokerStars Casino’s offering stand out further and Ave Caesar will be another factor that helps us do just that. It is a good opportunity to showcase a great game and offer our customers something exclusively new. We are confident Ave Caesar will be a big hit.”

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