registers successful 2018

The company registered a successful 2018. Credits:

The affiliate network reported revenue increases in the Swedish market in 2018.

Sweden.- Affiliate network has revealed that its performance in the re-regulated Swedish market has been successful as it achieved great financial results in 2018.

The company reported a 63% full-year increase in revenues to €16.2 million, up from the €9.9 million registered a year before, and driven by fourth quarter’s performance, which saw a 81% rise to €4.9 million.

“As of January 1, 2019 the Swedish market is locally regulated and taxed. We have seen our Swedish assets perform well in terms of NDC productions, but also seen a commensurate decrease in player value.”

The company also talked about the Wire Act re-interpretation: “The United States Department of Justice released an opinion which re-interpreted the Department’s own opinion on the Wire Act from 2011. The ramifications of the new opinion are not yet clear but could create headwinds for the roll-out of regulated online gambling in the United States.”

Charles Gillespie, chief executive, said: “The legal standing of the updated opinion is highly contentious, has been vigorously attacked by former DOJ officials, politicians, legislators, attorneys general and the mainstream media, and already faces multiple court challenges.

“We see the long-term effects of the new opinion being limited, but the short-term impact will be a headwind on states looking at regulating sports betting this year.”

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