Brand Affiliates teams up with Jumpman

brand affiliates jumpman

Affiliates of the site will be given access to a number of marketing tools. Credits: Jumpman Affiliates

The company reached a deal with Jumpman to expand its offering to iGaming affiliates.

UK.- Brand Affiliates, the UK-based company, has revealed that it teamed up with Jumpman Affiliates to further expand its offering to iGaming affiliates. This comes after having launched a new online casino affiliate site. is set to emphasise on establishing a multi-brand network. It also aims to optimise growth and acquisition opportunities for both its bingo and casino portfolios.

Affiliates will receive access to a number of marketing tools that will help the management and optimisation of marketing initiatives.

SG, affiliate manager of Brand Affiliates, said: “In an endeavour to expand our affiliate programme, we are delighted to partner with Jumpman Affiliates. We are affirmative their support and experience in the iGaming industry will play an instrumental role in our overall acquisition strategy.

“We will offer an unusual sign-up offer for two months that will help maximise affiliates’ return and build a long-lasting relationship,” the manager added.”

The partnership also establishes that affiliates will receive a personalised marketing programme, which offers both guidance and attention from the Jumpman Affiliates platform. They will be able to monitor the performance and analyse new strategic insights.

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