Italy to get rid of more slot machines

The government of Italy decided to cut 15 percent of the State-run slot machines, and an even bigger portion next year.

Kansas rejected slots bill.

Kansas committee rejects slots at race tracks

A proposed bill to install slots at state’s race tracks was rejected by the Kansas House Appropriations committee.


Illinois can reintroduce a gaming bill

The Illinois Senate is assessing a gaming bill that is part of several reforms, but legislators can reintroduce a separate one.


Pennsylvania slot revenue down

The state gaming control board released the monthly report where slot machine revenue fell 4 percent.

Idaho gaming bill is finally rejected

The Committee has not granted the necessary votes to pass the bill last Thursday.

“We’ll stay aggressive and focused on our products”

(Exclusive interview).- Alfastreet fulfills 2016’s expectations and is ready to conquer a new year of success.

Australia operators to face inquiry

Senator Nick Xenophon demanded a probe over gaming machines for next year.


Vietnam leaves airport slots on hold

The Prime Minister agreed to suspend a draft that allows slot machines at international airports.


Pennsylvania gets ready for 2017

Representatives of the state’s casinos will meet on January 3 to discuss the gambling law.


Italian gaming left in suspense

Italian citizens voted “no” on a referendum that leaves the country’s industry hanging in the air.

Wales may control fixed-odds in the UK

The UK is considering delegating the control of the gaming sector to Wales’s authorities.


Israel Court orders lottery to turn on machines

The High Court had ordered the lottery monopoly to shut down the gaming machines.