Vienna International Gaming Expo

ICE Totally Gaming

INTRALOT expands its services

INTRALOT Inc., a subsidiary of INTRALOT Group in the United States, shared its current achievements.


Lottery sales grow in China

May saw a year-on-year 9 percent increase in lottery sales in Mainland China.

Ukraine urges lottery legislation

Ukraine officials have reiterated their petition for a comprehensive legislation on the lottery sector.


Kansas to discuss lottery vending machines

Today marks the last day of the session that could discuss the possibility of using vending machines to sell tickets in Kansas.


Mississippi lottery panel collects information

The committee that was created to study the business in neighboring states started its operations.


India’s lottery demands assessment

Representatives of the lottery sector in India demanded changes in the current tax project.


Concerns over Pennsylvania gaming expansion

As the Pennsylvania House approved a bill to expand gaming in the state, concerns around lottery funds have emerged.


Christie wants to link lottery to pensions

New Jersey’s Governor has backed a legislation that would link lottery to pensions for public employees.


Nigerian House suspends lottery activities

A committee has ordered the NCC and the NLRC to end all existing contracts between lottery operators and GSM companies.

Illegal gambling grows in Sweden

The government of Sweden announced modifications of the industry as illegal operations increased.