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Bahamas, near a new lottery

A new lottery offering could be introduced in the gaming market of Bahamas, according to authorities.

kerala lottery

Lottery ticket production to increase Kerala revenues

The state government will increase the production of lottery tickets in order to obtain additional revenue.

lottoland lottery retailers

NSW to restrict Lottoland operations

The Australian state is set to impose restrictions on the operations of gambling giant Lottoland.

Irish lottery

New Irish lotto regulator

Carol Boate, a former official with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, has been appointed as the National Lottery’s watchdog.

irish lottery

Irish lottery hits record sales

Turnover at the national lottery was €750 million in 2016, a 12 percent increase over last year’s results.


Texas lottery breaks records

The lottery of Texas has reported new record-breaking results closing at US$5.077 billion.

pennsylvania lottery

Pennsylvania lottery wins get probed

Frequent lottery wins in the Pennsylvania Lottery have risen concerns and forced the state to launch a probe.

china lottery

China lottery increases ticket sales

Welfare lottery and sports lottery keep showing good results as ticket sales increased 13.1 percent in August.

missouri lottery

Lottery in Missouri faces contract issues

One of the most important contracts of the lottery might be in jeopardy if it gets challenged by the company that runs ticket sales.

Florida lottery

Florida lottery restarts operations

The state lottery had been blocked by the governor of Florida last weekend due to weather alert during Irma hurricane.