Italy casinos

Gaming grows in Italy

Ministry of Economy data revealed that the Italian gaming market has experienced optimistic growth in the last decade.

RIGA Latvia

RIGA discusses Latvia’s market

Latvia is hosting the international conference Riga Gaming Congress on October 12.

Nigerian lottery

Nigerian lottery supports local development

According to the government, Nigerian Lottery is designed to generate money for “the good causes” through the National Lottery Trust Fund.

draftkings ireland

DraftKings could operate in Ireland

A few weeks after the company dropped its plans to merge with rival FanDuel, DraftKings is reportedly interested in Ireland.

Primorye casinos

Federal Government speeds casino plans

The Federal Government of Russia will be in charge of Primorye region to control casino development.

netherlands catena

Netherlands orders Catena to cease operations

The local gambling regulator said that the performance marketing company violated Netherland’s gaming regulations.

SiGMA Pulis

“SiGMA is doubling in size every year”

SiGMA organiser Eman Pulis shares the experience of creating gaming events.

tigre de cristal

Tigre de Cristal boosts gaming zone

The performance of the first casino to open in the Russian gaming zone Primorye is a good indicator for other investors.

igaming fraud

iGaming companies struggle with fraud

A new survey revealed that 94 percent of iGaming companies have problems with fraud.

casinos austria czech

Czech company to seek control of Casinos Austria

The Czech operator increased its stake on Casinos Austria as it is looking to get the exclusive control of operations.

Betting on Sports

Betting on Sports shares previews

Betting on Sports 2017 shared seven reasons why #boscon2017 is a must-attend show.

Sweden iGaming

New gaming law in Sweden

Gaming industry in Sweden will face new legislative conditions, once the draft is approved by the government.