Mississippi backs off coast casinos

The Gaming Commission rejected to pass a bill which would develop casinos in coast areas.

Pennsylvania hosts a meeting on legislation

The slot revenue distribution was recently declared unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

UK councils back gaming probe

Leaders of UK counties expressed their support to the investigation on gaming activities.

Pennsylvania Legislature blocked new casino bill

The State was planning to invest casino revenues among all host communities.


Pennsylvania left iGaming bill on hold

Pennsylvania carried out a meeting on DFS regulation and online casinos.


More chances to legalise casinos in Japan

A majority of the Liberal Democratic Party in the Diet rise odds to legalise the activity in the Asian country.

Taiwan rejected casino bill

The construction of gambling centres was rejected by Taiwanese residents.


Japan casino bill receives further support

High level personalities from the political world confirmed that they support the legalisation of the casino industry in the Asian country.


Macau to ban casino workers from gambling

The Welfare Bureau wants to ban casino workers from entering casinos during non-working hours.

NJ may go for video lottery terminal

New Jersey voters will decide next month whether to approve casino development outside AC.


Florida to debate gaming law

Voters in Charge Group introduced a petition to let residents decide on gambling laws.


Bahamas deputy supports national lottery

The Deputy from the FNM explained why the party supports a national lottery.