Australia bans Tabcorp ad

The gaming authorities considered Tabcorp advertisement as inappropriate.

NYRA to rearrange its board

The proposal was introduced whilst representatives of the industry insisted on reprivatising the centre.

Pennsylvania to debate new gaming bill

State legislators would decide this month the financial proposal for casino host communities.


Poland passes new gambling act

The Lower house passed a law that seeks the reduction of the illegal gambling activities in the country.

Kenya to ban gaming ads

The further control would be implemented on sports betting companies.

IRS demands identities of Coinbase users

The US Court allowed the IRS to require Coinbase the records of the transactions made between 2013 and 2015.


Macau legislators to accept casinos in Coloane

They would allow casinos in the city if the operators met all regulations needed.


Ohio introduces new gaming bill

The Senate introduced hearings on legislation that would create a clearer regulation on online fantasy sports.

Japan delays the casino bill

The last session of the year would postpone the debate on the casino legalisation.


Mongolia wants to launch its casino market

The Asian country is trying to revive a legislation to legalise the casino industry.

new jersey

New Jersey could push for another legislation

After the state-wide ballot got rejected on Tuesday, proponents of the measure could push for another legislation.

Wales Bill on FOBTs has not succeeded

The Welsh government has failed at implementing the bill to control FOBTs.