online gambling

New Hampshire to discuss online gambling

Despite leaving the issue untouched for a few months, New Hampshire is set to debate a bill on online gambling once again.

online gambling

Georgia reconsiders online ban

Georgian parliamentarians were urging the government to ban online gambling in the country but it seems that’s not going to happen.


Bahamas, near a new lottery

A new lottery offering could be introduced in the gaming market of Bahamas, according to authorities.

gambling advertising

Belgium limits gambling advertising

Belgian Council of Ministers has approved Minister of Justice’s plan to restrict gambling advertising on broadcast media.

south jersey sports betting

South Jersey seeks sports betting hearing

Two congressmen asked the House Judiciary Committee to conduct hearings on what to do if sports betting gets approved by the Supreme Court.

maryland esports

Maryland may consider eSports

A panel of gaming corporations presented information about eSports to a joint legislative committee.

dutch gaming law

Dutch gaming law expected in early 2019

VP of the local gaming authority confirmed during an event that the new gaming law will be implemented in 2019.

online gambling

Netherlands addresses gambling sites

The Dutch government will require online gambling licensees to maintain some form of physical presence in the Netherlands.

switzerland gambling

Switzerland passes new gambling law

The Money Gaming Act has passed a final vote in Switzerland’s parliament and is set to replace outdated gambling legislation.

maryland sports betting

Maryland encouraged to consider sports betting

Casino advocates have recommended legislators to consider sports betting ahead of the Supreme Court’s resolution.


Malaysia takes back taxing proposal

Whilst the government of Malaysia is evaluating a gaming tax increase, it is not likely to be approved.

greece casino legislation

Greece to reform casino legislation

The country has agreed to reform its casino legislation in a move that would bring international investors.