“Gamesman believes that innovation is the key”

(Exclusive interview).- Gamesman reviews its performance at ICE 2017.


“The feedback from our customers is invaluable”

(Exclusive interview).- Konami Gaming closed an excellent performance at ICE 2017.

“We are focused on the player excitement and happiness”

(Exclusive interview).- President of Ortiz Gaming Maurilio Silva talked with Focus Gaming News about ICE 2017.


“We have high expectations for ICE 2017”

(Exclusive interview).- Evolution Gaming reveals to Focus Gaming News its plans for ICE 2017.

“We’ll stay aggressive and focused on our products”

(Exclusive interview).- Alfastreet fulfills 2016’s expectations and is ready to conquer a new year of success.

“Concerto was undoubtedly the highlight of 2016”

(Exclusive interview).- Konami Gaming talked with Focus Gaming News about its achievements and its further goals.

“Our function is to listen”

(Exclusive interview).- Gamesman assesses upcoming performance at ICE with Focus Gaming News.

“We want our ICE stand to reflect the very best variety of products”

(Exclusive interview).- Konami Gaming, Inc. talked with Focus Gaming News about this year’s ICE.

“Ortiz Gaming has continued a steady expansion throughout the world”

(Exclusive interview).- Ortiz Gaming closes the year reaffirming its position as the best Video Bingo company.

“G2E was the right jumping board to give us a good kick off”

(Exclusive interview).- The most successful ETG brand talked with Focus Gaming News about the industry’s development.

“G2E has catapulted Ortiz Gaming into the future”

(Exclusive interview).- Alejandro Ortiz describes to Focus Gaming News how Ortiz Gaming conquered G2E.

“TransAct is truly a global player”

(Exclusive interview).- Tracey Chernay revealed to Focus Gaming News the company’s successful results.