Massachusetts to push for online lottery

The Bay State is likely to push again for the legalisation of an online lottery to help with state funds.

georgia casinos

Georgia casino laws at risk

Leading GOP candidates for Georgia’s gurbernatorial race advanced they’ll oppose casino gambling legalisation in the state.

Ghana gaming

Ghana sets new legislation

Ghana authorities revealed the intentions of approving a new gaming legislation for the national industry.

paspa sports leagues

Connecticut to legalise sports betting

The state of Connecticut is expected to legalise sports betting before 2019 if PASPA gets revoked by the US Supreme Court.

florida dfs

Florida lawmakers push for DFS legalisation

Lawmakers from the Sunshine State introduced the legalisation of fantasy sports to the floor once again.

igaming cyprus

iGaming law is delayed in Cyprus

Malta’s evaluation over Cyprus iGaming proposals has delayed the implementation of a new legislative system.

nizamabad gambling ban

UK governments call for gambling ad restrictions

The LGA, formed of local councils, is pushing towards a change in gambling advertising regulations in order to control problem gambling.

Shared online poker liquidity

Shared online poker liquidity, under scrutiny

Italian politicians have raised concerns about the shared online poker liquidity project’s impact on problem gambling and are opposing the agreement.


Tasmania may ban gaming operations

The government of Tasmania is assessing a proposal to remove gaming machines from hotels and clubs.

south jersey sports betting

Sports betting offering could increase in the US

A new report revealed that 32 US states could offer sports betting services in five years.

Switzerland gambling law

Swiss Parliament agrees on gambling law

Switzerland is finally about to pass a unified law on gambling after the Parliament agreed on the final details about taxes.


DFS to be legalised in Ohio

The bill that would legalise DFS in Ohio cleared the House, is now in the state Senate and could become law this fall.