More on the trail of the stolen Bangladeshi funds

Kam Sin Wong, a Chinese junket operator who testified before the Philippine Senate revealed the names of a Beijing resident and a Macau resident who may be key in the case.

Gambling site accused of laundering money via Amazon

According to Feds, a Costa Rica-based gambling site was caught using Amazon’s gift cards to launder money.

AMLC determined to regulate casinos under anti-money laundering law

After US$81 million of supposedly laundered funds ended up in Philippines, the Anti Money Laundering Council is convinced casinos should be covered by the anti-money laundering law.


Seminole compact’s fate will be decided by a judge

Lawmakers folded on the voting of the US$3 billion deal between Gov. Rick Scott and the Seminole Tribe and now the tribe has taken the issue into judicial spheres.

Marc Gerlgerly pleaded not guilty

The Pennsylvania lawmaker was accused of using his political influence to benefit an illegal video gambling ring.

Challenge against Lago Resort and Casino rejected

A New York judge rejected a challenge to the approval of a casino in Finger Lakes.

Today the jury begins casino land trial

Steve Wynn can participate as a witness in the trial that will define the accusations of three men for the Everett casino land.

Alabama AG orders DraftKings and FanDuel to stop operations

Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, sent a cease and desist letter to FanDuel and DraftKings urging them to stop their operations in the Southern state.

Part of the stolen Bangladeshi funds made it to Philippine casinos

PAGCOR declared that out of the US$81 million that entered the Philippines, only US$46 million ended up in the local casino industry.

A club in Pennsylvania accused of illegal gambling activities

The Thaddeus Kosciuszko Polish American Citizens Club is currently under investigation.


Alleged illegal gambling ring busted in Indiana

William Williams was accused of three felony charges related to illegal gambling activities in the state.

Dollaro Poker still running

Near US$11 million dollars were impounded in January in a police operation that investigates the company for illegal gambling activities.