Roulette increases Nevada profits

The local gaming control board revealed that roulette profits were 58 percent up compared to last year results.


GGR in Mississippi pulls through

After experiencing a dramatic fall in casino revenues in February, Mississippi recovered with a year-on-year 7.1 percent growth.


Poker revenue grows in Iowa

The state gaming regulator released the March figures that showed that poker revenue increased 3.4 percent in Iowa.

Italy moves towards online poker liquidity

The head of the online gaming regulation agency in Italy said that they’ve made significant progress towards a share liquidity.


China rises its lottery sales

Lottery sales in China grew 6.3 percent last month and reached more than US$5 billion.


Delaware’s online gaming revenue falls

Just a few days after it was announced that New Jersey experienced stellar online gaming results, Delaware suffers a major loss.


Macau to grow 12 percent in 2017

Fitch Ratings released a new report where it was revealed that Macau will likely grow 12 percent this year.


Online gaming revenue grows in Italy

The 2016 figures that were released this week showed a 25 percent year-on-year increase in online gaming revenues in Italy.

VIP services grow in Macau

Casino VIP offerings in Macau have unexpectedly increased after a crisis generated for stricter government’s controls on the sector.


Table games revenue up in Pennsylvania

According to the local gaming control board, Pennsylvania experienced a 2 percent growth in March in table games revenue.