Macau’s VIP growth could be unsustainable

Nomura reported that the VIP revenue increase in Macau is likely too high for the government’s taste.

south korea casino sales

South Korea increases casino sales

The foreigner-only gambling facilities increased their sales by 3 percent in 2016, as the national gambling commission revealed.

Union Gaming launches study about Japan

The second study about Japan casino industry has been shared by an expert from Union Gaming.

macau ggr vip

Macau VIP GGR grows 34 pct

The local gaming regulator revealed that during the second quarter of the year VIP GGR grew 34.8 percent year-on-year.

city of dreams construction

City of Dreams suspends construction

The fifth hotel tower from Melco in the City of Dreams casino facility stopped its construction over a fatal accident.

Yokohama election to define casino status

Mayoral election in Japanese city of Yokohama will determine the approval or rejection of casino project.

India sports betting

India to copy UK’s sports betting system

Even though it may take a long time to legalise online betting in India, the Sports Ministry has reportedly begun trying to frame a legislation for it.

goa casino policy

Goa to announce casino policy

TCP minister said that a new casino policy is set to be introduced during the next monsoon session.

thailand new lottery

Thailand could get new lottery

GLO director said that the office is considering a new online lottery model that would include big jackpots.

Cambodia raises resort taxes

NagaCorp will contribute with US$16.6 million under new tax legislation.

off shore casino probed

Off shore casino to be probed

The Congress of Goa ordered a probe into how the new off shore casino was allowed to operate in Miramar beach.

Japan casinos expect further assessments

The governmental tourism division is also preparing an assessment about the legal casino industry.